16th August 2017
The Finale : Zagreb to the coast

Rest, Riding days 50 and 51

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12th August 2017
Budapest to Zagreb

Rest, Riding days 48 and 49

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8th August 2017
Vienna to Budapest

Rest, Riding days 45, 46 and 47

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5th August 2017
Chiemsee to Vienna

Vamos Al Danubio! Riding days 42, 43 and 44

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31st July 2017
Deutschland Part 3

With my best friend! Riding days 40 and 41

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26th July 2017
Frankfurt & a stormy 2 days alone

Rest, Riding days 38 and 39

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22nd July 2017
Deutschland part 1

Riding days 33 to 37

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14th July 2017
Copenhagen & Zealand

Riding days 31 and 32

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11th July 2017
Swedish Riviera Part 2

Riding days 29 and 30

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8th July 2017
Swedish Riviera (Grebbestad, Gothemburg)

Riding days 27 and 28

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6th July 2017
Bergen to Oslo: Hardangervidda & finishing Norway

Riding days 24, 25 and 26

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4th July 2017
Waterfalls, no sleep, & Norway's Amalfi coast

Riding days 22 and 23

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1st July 2017
Gaularfjellet, I'm coming back for you!

Riding days 20 and 21

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26th June 2017
'Easy days', the Troll's path, & Geiranger

Riding days 15, 16 and 17

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16th June 2017
Setting of from Trondheim to Kristiansund

Welcome to the real Norway...constant rain, wind and fog.

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15th June 2017
Exploring Trondheim & picking up items

A day getting ready for the next stunning chapter of Norway!

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14th June 2017
Steinkjer to Trondheim

Great company, busy roads and the end of stage one of the journey!

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13th June 2017
Namsskogan to Steinkjer

A rainstorm, a kind Norwegian, a stupidly big lake...and a puncture!

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12th June 2017
Mosjoen to Namsskogan

Trees, trees, waterfall, more trees (nice to do a shorter day with great company)

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11th June 2017
Krokstranda to Mosjøen

Pain, one massive hill, and meeting my buddy for the next few days.

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10th June 2017
Å to Krokstranda

A long day into snowy moorlands, leaving the arctic, and caffeine-overdosing.

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9th June 2017
Valberg to Å

It gets even better, heading southwards past sunny watersides.

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8th June 2017
Stokmarknes to Valberg, Lofoten

I think I've found my new favourite place in the world. Words can't describe...

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7th June 2017
Setting off from Andenes to Stokmarknes

Shorts time already! From -2°C to +25°C in a week, and still in the Arctic...

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6th June 2017
Watching the whales

Rest day at Andenes, less about wheels and more about whales!

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5th June 2017
Tromso to Andenes

100km ride to catch the only ferry to Andenes!

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4th June 2017
Storslett to Tromsø, Norway

Made it to my first city, more ridiculously beautiful mountains!

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3rd June 2017
To Storslett, Norway

My first 100-mile day. Gruelling mountain pass (2 km ascent)!

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2nd June 2017
Day 3: Olderfjord to Alta, Norway

Tough going, but snow-covered plateaus are stunning!

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1st June 2017
To Olderfjord, Norway

More reindeer, stunning fjords and snowscapes!

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31st May 2017
Day 1: Setting off from Nordkapp

Cycling at midnight under pink, purple & golden skies

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31st May 2017
Day 0: Pre-Trip Reflection

Oslo airport: a mix of intrigue, excitement and fear!

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18th May 2017
My BBC radio interview

Listen to my BBC Radio interview with Sean Styles...

15th May 2017
My Cycling UK press interview

Read the interview article from Cycling UK magazine...

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24th April, 2017
Training for my first (epic) Audax!

Read about my training plans, daily mileage quota and slight trepidation!

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