I'm Alaina Beacall

Cyclist, climber and outdoor enthusiast

I'm Alaina Beacall, a cyclist, climber and outdoor sports enthusiast who is passionate about undertaking challenges and raising funds for causes I believe in.

In my 2017 campaign to raise money for aid to Syrians I undertook an Arctic-to-the-Mediterranean expedition, cycling solo for 5,137 miles in 51 days from Europe's most northern point to the Mediterranean sea. You can read all about the campaign, which raised £4,375 for Hand In Hand For Syria, and also read the blog of my 2017 adventure.

My current campaign...

My current campaign is for Asylum Link Merseyside (ALM).

ALM is dedicated to assisting Asylum Seekers and Refugees, and raising public awareness around Refugee issues. It provides vital advice, food, clothes, classes, activities and much more. You can read about ALM here.

For my 2018 campaign to raise money for ALM I will be cycling the gruelling 4300 mile journey across the USA in the Trans American Bike Race (TABR). You can follow my campaign and read the blog of my Trans American Bike Race adventure here.

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